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Last week, I was part of a movement that was so powerful that it shifted my thought process. I was invited by @bishopomarjahwar and @standtogetherfoundation @standtogether to participate in singing my song “Freedom” on this platform. This was more than just singing.. this was an serious moment for me that really brought it home to my purpose again. I had the chance to be apart of conversation and also be a listening ear to gain a wealth of knowledge from @leonfordspeaks @alicemariefree @titusoneilwwe @mcuban @vanjones68 and more. I was in the room. More so lending my voice in a way that I know how. The purpose is to “Heal America” but we need to have the conversations…So, keep speaking up…keep having the uncomfortable conversations that lead to solutions. I want my Black Kings and Queens to thrive. We can change this! Everyone’s activism is different. Just be the light. I

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