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The 3-I Model was first used by Bishop Omar Jahwar to form a truce of peace between Blood & Crip gangs in Dallas, TX.  It is a proven approach and effective strategy to bring peace and revitalize citizenship in violent communities using INFLUENCE & PROXIMITY.

The 3-I Model is a strategic approach to penetrate Urban Culture at its depth to affect real change. Take this course to go deeper into the strategies and models that build trust in the community and pathways to sustainable solutions.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course has been designed for anyone that wants to create social impact that is sustainable and transforming.  If you are a Citizen that wants to understand how to strategically and positively impact individuals and communities – this course is for you!

Learning Path

Duration – 20 minutes

Learn to saturate key areas of mainstream Urban Culture that heavily persuade thoughts, ideas, and behavior – from music to entertainment, education to politics, social media to lifestyle.

INVADE Urban Culture at its core to be the positive alternative to the destructive mainstream.

Duration – 20 minutes

Learn to place ourselves in the lives and situations of those we serve to increase influence and impact.  Every person with a heart for the community can help transform Urban Culture.

INTRUDE to create positive change with efforts that impact individuals on a mental, spiritual, and social level.

Duration – 20 minutes

Learn to build programs and services on strong foundations to institute real change, collaborate with others, advance social policies, and deliver information that empowers urban communities.

INSTITUTE positive behavior and citizenship to serve as the primary source for value clarification in your community.

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