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Our Guiding Principles define how we think, act, work, and treat others. When serving the community, shared values foster collaboration and transform lives and communities.

Completing this course will help you:

  • Practice Principled Decision-Making
  • Understand how each of our Guiding Principles can benefit work in the community and with each other
  • Differentiate between rules and principles
  • Establish your personal set of Guiding Principles

Who is the course for?

This course has been designed for anyone that wants to exercise values and principles in their life, work, and social impact.  If you are a Citizen that wants to understand how to align themselves with a higher code of ethics to positively impact individuals and communities – this course is for you!

Learning Path

Lesson 1 – Integrity

Duration – 10 minutes

Work with integrity and tenaciously follow activities through to completion.  Always strive for excellence.  Practice good stewardship over resources and time.

Lesson 2 – Transparency

Duration – 10 minutes

Be accountable by operating so the effort and actions taken are clearly visible and easy to follow. Communicate openly.

Lesson 3 – Agility

Duration – 10 minutes

Think and understand quickly to make meaningful, sound decisions. Be fluid and able to adapt to changing conditions.

Lesson 4 – Culture

Duration – 10 minutes

Be a Culturalist. Understand Urban Culture and stay relevant. Be a positive agent of change and influence. Translate the Urban experience to outsiders and visitors. Invade Urban Culture and remain compassionate, honest, connected, and vigilant.

Lesson 5 – Redemption

Duration – 10 minutes

Believe in and hope for redemption. Support opportunities to give people another chance. Be patient and show empathy.

Lesson 6 – Collaboration

Duration – 10 minutes

Promote team work and shared learning. Build together and support one another. Leverage resources and knowledge to produce viral change.

Lesson 7 – Innovation

Duration – 10 minutes

Be inspired and creative. Understand technology as a tool to build the future. Lead Urban Culture in setting positive technological trends and creating opportunities for innovation.

Lesson 8 – Spirituality

Duration – 10 minutes

Live in a manner directed by a moral compass. Believe in God. Fervently pursue wisdom, truth, and justice.

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