Let’s learn how to INVADE

To invade means to saturate key areas of mainstream Urban Culture that heavily persuade thoughts, ideas, and behavior – from music to entertainment, education to politics, social media to lifestyle.

When you invade culture at its core, you position yourself to present a positive alternative to the destructive mainstream.

You can invade the most influential aspects of Urban Culture to disrupt toxic cultural elements, influence positive messaging, and reinforce values.  It is an aggressive strategy to disrupt the toxicity of popular culture.  The goal of the invasion is to saturate the culture with positive messages that advance peace and civility across the globe.  By invading, you can change core beliefs that lead to destructive behavior by creating avenues and opportunities to impact key influential areas such as media, entertainment, politics, and education.  So, how can you invade?  Let’s walk through some scenarios together.

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“You can’t do a drive-by analysis of the problem. We must get close enough to the problem in order to properly diagnose it.”
Bishop Omar Jahwar

Part One: Understanding Culture

Let’s discuss current trends and popular ideas in Urban Culture.

Part two: Defining Invade

Let’s undertand the meaning of invade before we apply it.

Part three: Understanding Influence

Our ability to achieve influence
in order to properly invade is based on the relationship between our intention and