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The 3-I Philosophy

The 3-I Model is a blueprint to achieve effective and lasting transformation in the lives of individuals, communities, and areas of culture.

The 3-I Model can increase the impact and success of efforts to provide information and service to shift the thinking and behavior of individuals, helping them achieve a greater potential for themselves, their families, the community, and Urban Culture.


Impact key influential areas such as mainstream media and neighborhoods to disrupt toxic elements and change values.


From a close proximity, offer alternative life experiences that challenge individuals to transform beliefs and attitudes.


Institute healthy behavior by implementing transformative and sustainable solutions, and re-enforcing positive culture.

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“Only inspired people can inspire people”

Bishop Omar Jahwar

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In our quest for solutions to social and cultural problems, the 3-I Model uses reflective inquiry to examine the breadth and depth of issues with a steady and critical eye.

Consequently, at its most abstract levels, the 3-I Model seeks to reveal these basic insights into every area of life to inspire action and change core values, beliefs, and behavior.

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The 3-I Model builds strategies based on sensory data from the environment and culture, not absolute truths or definite logic.  It relates and coordinates knowledge with the values revealed in the actual human experience to develop a concordance of ideas and distinctions – Clarifying Principles – for Urban Culture.  This level of understanding is critical when answering fundamental questions. and to present the most critically formulated conceptual framework with which all subsequent thought would work and help to evaluate.

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The method of inquiry and experience in the 3-I Model can be put to use solving practical questions. Even more so, it is practical in that the practices the 3-I Model seeks to activate are solutions to problems that have resulted from marginalization and disenfranchisement in Urban Culture. At such times it becomes practical to question assumptions, beliefs, current presuppositions, common sense, ideas and the efficacy of current practices. It is from the perspective of the 3-I Model that such an inquiry can effectively take place.

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In pursuit of questions that do not bear directly on practical matters AT FIRST SIGHT, the 3-I Model is speculative in considering problems which only highly abstract thought presents. It is speculative in developing truly far-sighted perspectives and concerns. It is speculative in considering ultimate metaphysical issues, pursuing the most critical formulation of principles held to govern thought and action, and furthering mathematical and logical inquiry in its attempt to further the progress of human thought and the improvement of the human condition.