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    1 week, 3 days ago
    Hello everyone,
    I would like to request your help if you are capable of doing so. Our season is close to begin in May and out team is short of equipment. I have started a gofundme page, to raise the fund needed to get the equipment. I am leaving the link below for you to have a look when you have a minute.
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I will tidy up my bio later on.

I was born in El Salvador, fled to the united states in the early 90s, was raised in Dallas. At 27 I came back to El Salvador, to a country dealing with hardships of a civil war and now, the social problem which are the gangs.

In Dallas started my first business at 16 years old, went on to work on several video production projects in different markets such as hip hop, MMA, high school football games, and much more. Opened a Restaurant before leasing a FCC tv license to open my own tv station in San Antonio. Sold everything and moved to El Salvador, where I currently own a call center, and working on getting of the ground, the first ‘professional’ football team in El Salvador.  Our mission right now, is to use football as a means to attract the youth in at risk communities in our country. As well as share the positive message that is, Jesus in our lives.

Happy to be a part of the OGU movement, excited to work along you great individuals.




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