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The OGU Portal

The OGU Portal is open to the public, as a resource for training, connecting, and collaborating.  As an adjustment to Covid-19, we have condensed our in-person training into a 2-hour webinar and supplemental online lessons offered through the portal.  In this way, they may choose to pursue certification through an online course.

As members are active on the site, they earn points for contributing and achievements.  There are rankings and badges that serve as digital rewards and a means of tracking skills and accomplishments for everyone active on the site.  Learning is self-guided and incentive-based.

As a social network and resource, we hope engagement is ongoing rather than only for a determined amount of time.

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I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.

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We manage data.

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We integrate systems.

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The Support Team

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Larry and Ingrid have been inseparable since meeting in 2010. The power team shared a drive to tackle issues that paralyze our communities and always knew they wanted to support small businesses with limited resources and grand ideas.

With years of experience as an IT Support Specialist, Larry understood the importance of a support team and the technology-related barriers faced by many entrepreneurs, service agencies, and individuals venturing out into this brave new digital world.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household that practiced community activism and spiritual devotion, Larry also knew the challenges faced by non-profit agencies and organizations striving for social good, but competing for resources and lacking skills and access. His expertise grounded Ingrid’s eclectic background in program evaluation and management, creative design, and research. Together, their work beautifully blends unique flavors of technology, business strategy, creativity, and inspiration.

In 2012, Larry and Ingrid launched Black Star Elements as a subsidiary of Black Star Services LLC, a social venture group whose purpose is to build and launch companies working for the good of human society. The vision of Black Star Elements is to empower individuals and organizations to create value and sustainability for their business by removing technology barriers.




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