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Essence – On Healing America

I was praying the other night and my words were simple: “God please heal America. As a country, we need your guidance to navigate through this trying time.”

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The Well News - Standing Together: Heal America Tour to Host Community Discussion on Race, Reform in Minneapolis

A panel of community leaders will lead a discussion on systemic injustices in Minneapolis, Minn., on Wednesday as a part of the “Heal America Tour”, a series of events designed to spark productive dialogues on inequality in America. The event, hosted by Bishop Omar Jahwar in partnership with Stand Together, will take place just a few miles from the location where George Floyd was killed while in Minneapolis police custody.


Urban Specialists announced it will host a discussion on advancing police reforms. According to a release, the Heal America Tour: A Course Correction Conversation on Race, Citizenship & Humanity, will take place on July 29 at the Shiloh Temple International Ministries in Minneapolis. The discussion will be hosted by Urban Specialists CEO and Founder Bishop Omar Jahwar.

Instagram - Liv Warfield on Heal America

Last week, I was part of a movement that was so powerful that it shifted my thought process. I was invited by @bishopomarjahwar and @standtogetherfoundation @standtogether to participate in singing my song “Freedom” on this platform. This was more than just singing.. this was an serious moment for me that really brought it home to my purpose again. - Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Shares Thoughts on 'Defund the Police' Movement

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had some interesting things to say about the "Defund the Police" movement going on across the country. Cuban took part in a conversation at an event in Dallas called Heal America: A Course Correction Conversation on Race, Citizenship and Humanity, which was hosted by Stand Together and Urban Specialist. He was one of the many guests that talked about the issues going on in the country, including police brutality. Cuban said he's not a fan of defunding the police but has an idea of what can be done.

Forbes - How The Founder Of Urban Specialists Is Focused On Ending Systemic Racism One Conversation At A Time

There’s a common sentiment that athletes should just “shut up and dribble” and refrain from commenting on civil rights violations that are plaguing Black communities across the United States. But after the senseless killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd—just the latest examples of the injustice plaguing the nation—numerous athletes, executives and professionals in the sports industry have been stepping up to offer support.

Dallas Doing Good

Last night, an event hosted by @theurbanspecialists and powered by @standtogether, brought a diverse group of local and national leaders (law enforcement, business executives, athletes, celebrities, faith leaders, civil rights advocates) to have an open discussion on the difficult issues America is grappling in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, from calls to defund the police to questions about how to combat institutional racism. “Can America really work for everyone, given our country’s history with racism and injustice? And if so, where do we go from here?” "Because it is the right thing to do!" When asked by Bishop Omar Jahwar why he has used his celebrity to be a difference maker. "It's just the right thing to do." - @mcuban

The Heal America Tour presents A Course Correction Conversation on Race, Citizenship, & Humanity

Heal America: A Course Correction Conversation on Race, Citizenship & Humanity is being hosted by Bishop Omar Jahwar, CEO and Founder of Urban Specialists, and powered by Stand Together on June 24, 2020 at Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. At the core of this conversation lies the understanding that our nation is facing a critical moment with regard to race relations. This “civil discourse” will be moderated by Bishop Omar and convene individual thought leaders from varying camps to rally together around a defined call to action that examines structural racism and viable solutions for police brutality and beyond.

The Value of Social Capital for Young People

Search Institute is working with several other partners in the larger project known as Social Capital Assessment and Learning for Equity (SCALE). We’re developing and refining useful measures of “social capital” for programs designed to enhance postsecondary and employment opportunities for youth and young adults of color and from low-income backgrounds. After conducting an extensive literature review, we defined “social capital” as the resources that arise from a web of relationships which people can access and mobilize to help them improve their lives and achieve their goals, which inevitably shift over time.

Diddy’s “Black America & Coronavirus” Town Hall With Angela Rye, Killer Mike, Yara Shahidi And More

Hosted on REVOLT’s YouTube platform LIVE! The town hall will connect with the youth and our core audience that need to hear this information. The goal is to help them understand how this disease is not only causing friends and family members to become very sick and or unfortunately pass, but inform them of the economic and community despair that is being projected, while offering solutions as to how we move forward as a community.